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Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends,

We in MGSHSS believe in opening up conversations, encouraging debates and fostering discussions. In short, we want to promote a truly dialogic (the academic in me could not resist) social and cultural space which promotes non-hierarchical and democratic deliberations on a range of topics.

I say with a sense of pride that MGSHSS holds a unique place among liberal arts programs in Pakistan, if not in South Asia. I say this because as we delve into works on politics, sociology, economics, culture, religion, art, literature, science and aesthetics at our School, we accomplish this through a faculty that has altered the way in which the social sciences and the humanities are taught in Pakistan. Their passion and commitment is reflected in the vibrant intellectual culture of the School, and translates into a pedagogical method that is truly transformative. They seek to inculcate in our students the spirit of curious thinking, of risk taking and of thinking outside the box. The intellectual work and creative contribution of our faculty and our students will especially be foregrounded through this newsletter, so that the world gets to know that we implicitly understand ourselves. Let the conversations begin!


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This is an edited version of an article first published in the 
MGSHSS newsletter, 'Guftugu'.

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The Mushtaq Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences at LUMS

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